Welcome to PITCH & SCORE! 

PITCH & SCORE! is a science-based communication program for entrepreneurs, corporate executives, and the like.


All of us give pitches to score our goals every day:


An entrepreneur gives her captivating pitch and scores investments,


An executive gives his most powerful pitch and scores the trust of shareholders,


A business owner gives his best pitch and scores customers,


You get the picture.


Did you know 60-93% of communication is non-verbal (body language, voice tone, etc.)?  However, everyone focuses on his or her “verbal” pitch (i.e. words) and ignores the non-verbal component. Your message will not be complete without non-verbal communication. To score your goals, you will need to communicate simultaneously with both the rational and emotional brain.


The PITCH & SCORE! program has been developed by Kiyoizumi Advisory, in collaboration with Science of People, a human behavioral science research lab. The program will make your pitch and presentation complete, and help you achieve your goals when more than words matter.

Build trust and Captivate

Building immediate trust is critical – your first impression is determined even before you speak.  We will show you how fast you can build immediate trust and presence, and captivate your clients.

Own the stage and Score!

PITCH & SCORE! program unlocks your inner power to create your best pitch possible. Let’s work together!